Mega Scarce Marinepfarrer Promotional Document

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This amazing document was presented to Marine Pfarrer Fritz Schwarz on February 26, 1944 in recognition of his promotion from marinepfarrer to marineoberpfarrer. This document is made even more intriguing because there were very few Navy chaplains, hence even fewer oberpfarrer’s making this a very scarce piece! The document measures 14” tall by 20” (opened, half that when folded) long (35.5cm by 51cm). This is produced in an off white, fairly heavy weight paper and has an embossed gold eagle at the top. All of the script (Im namen des Destschen volkes etc…) is in bold, black lettering with the exception of the name of the recipient, which is in red. It has an auto-pen signature of der Führer, followed by a hand signature by Grand Admiral Donitz, seen in blue ink. A large embossed eagle is seen at the bottom left of the document. There is minor discoloration, edge/corner wear, folding and a few very small tears but this really presents well! The included document folder is produced in a manila colored, cardboard type material and measures 14 ¼” tall by 20 ½” long when open (36.2cm x 52cm). The condition mimics the document itself, with the addition of some moderate tearing at the spine. The front cover of the folder has a large embossed eagle finished in gold. A mega scarce and desirable document!

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