MEGA SCARCE Knight's Cross w/Oak Leaves to Konrad Sauer

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MEGA SCARCE Knight's Cross w/Oak Leaves to Konrad Sauer-This fantastic item is complete with a certificate of authenticity from the well known German Detlev Niemann. The grouping includes the Knight Cross, ribbon, Oak Leaves as well as two extra ribbons and copies of the award documents and newspaper clippings that documented the award. Konrad Sauer (29 January 1915 – 12 July 1986) was a highly decorated Major of the reserves in the Wehrmacht (army specifically) during World War II and an Oberstleutnant in the Bundeswehr. He was born in Roth, near Marburg and died at the age of 71 in the same area. He was awarded the Knights Cross on 26 September 1942 as Wachtmeister of the Reserves and Zugführer (platoon leader) of the 3./Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 209. He was awarded the Oak Leaves on 4 October 1944 as Leutnant of the Reserves and commander of Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 322. The award of the Oak Leaves was due to actions around 20 September 1944, when he destroyed 14 (!) tanks with his assault gun in two days! His other awards are as follows:


-Iron Cross (1939) 2nd Class (10 May 1942)

                                  1st Class (31 July 1942)


-General Assault Badge (12 June 1942)


-Wound Badge (1939) in Black (6 August 1942)

                                         in Silver (16 April 1943)


-Honor Roll Clasp of the Army (5 September 1941)


As mentioned, photocopies of the award document and a note about the Oak Leaves are included as well as newspaper clippings. The Knights Cross is a Klein & Quenzer, displaying all of the characteristics one would expect of this manufacturer. These include the die flaws that are unique to the early production K & Q crosses as well as the unique, donut shaped loop. The cross is in excellent condition, remaining very clean with only light toning. The black core finish remains fully intact, with only minor fading. The Gebrüder Godet & Co. produced Oak Leaves are extremely handsome! They are the 2nd type, stamped 900 21 on the reverse and having the larger "gap" between the right side veins. The ribbon is cool as the wearer cut it down and stitched it to his uniform. This was a common practice for pieces that were actually worn such as this was. A fantastic piece that will be a top shelf addition to any collection! 

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