MEGA Insignia Set for SS-Obersturmbannführer Volkmar Burmeister

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MEGA Insignia Set for SS-Obersturmbannführer Volkmar Burmeister-This amazing set is for an individual who served as the division legal officer aka "JAG" officer for the 9th SS Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen". He started his tenure as a judge/legal officer in the SS-Judiciary while at the rank of captain, with the appointment document signed by both Hitler and Himmler (a translated photocopy is included). In 1944, while at the rank of SS-Sturmbannführer, he was seriously wounded along with the division commander (of which there were six (!) during 1944). After that, it gets a bit cloudy, though it appears that on account of his past excellent service, as well as the receipt of the serious wound, he was put up for promotion to the rank of SS-Obersturmbannführer, though this promotion application was not successful the first time around (receiving a serious wound and adequate service time apparently was not in line with the requirements for promotion). It does, however, appear to have succeeded on a subsequent submission-along with a discharge from service. The group includes a set of sew-in shoulder boards, a set of collar tabs and a sleeve eagle. The sew-in boards have the black SS underlay, with purple secondary underlay for judicial branch including judges and legal officers. Each is in fine condition, with some threads across the end where they were once sewn to a uniform. The flat, matte silver interlocked officer braid shows heavy wear, with general discoloration and some loss of the aluminum sheathing in some areas. The collar tabs are very interesting, with an outstanding runic tab having the silver twist rope piping slightly loose in a few spots. The rank tab is in about the same condition, with the piping applied in the exact same manner as the runic tab, and what appears to be a self-done rank upgrade to Obersturmbannführer, with the vertical aluminum tresse rank bar added onto the original tab. The rear two pips are nickel plated tombak, while the front two are zinc. The officer, bullion sleeve eagle is a stunner, with only some minimal loss of the aluminum wrapping on some of the threads of the swastika. Traces of the original attachment threads remain, and the reverse has a portion of the original black paper backing over the thin, dark blue ribbed cloth layer that anchored the embroidery stitches. This is a mega set, totally original and from the collection of the late Michael D. Beaver. A great set!

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