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MEGA Desirable Named (to Knights Cross Recipient) Model 1935 Army Double Decal Helmet-This fantastic helmet is named to Ritterkreuzträger Hans-Hermann Sachenbacher. He was born August 2, 1910 and is listed as killed in action on November 27, 1943 near Tscherkassy, Ukraine, Russia. He was the Chief of Radfahr Schwadron (bike squadron) 219, 183rd Infantry (Army) and as a Rittmeister (captain) he received the Knights Cross to the Iron Cross on December 19, 1941. Before he died he reached the rank of oberstleutnant. The helmet itself is a gem. The smoothly applied, apple green parade finish remains 98% intact with a few small black scuffs. The handsome, Quist "big foot" decal remains nearly fully intact. There is some wear to the details along with some crazing. The tri color decal is about the same visually and checks in at 90% intact. IMPORTANT NOTE! We were informed by a previous owner that at one point in time he "cleaned" the exterior, resulting in a very clean look to the exterior. The super soft, light brown liner is "as new". It has just the slightest hint of discoloration and wear, it is a fabulous example. It is size stamped 59, has a drawstring as well as a non-reinforced aluminum liner band that is maker marked, dated 1937 and size stamped 66/59. The side of the interior is stamped Q 66 indicating it was produced by the F.W. Quist of Esslingen. The rear skirt is stamped with the steel lot number 530. The dome stamp is crisp and the date is 1937. The rear skirt is where the name and rank, "Rittm, Sachenbacher", is written in bold, black ink. There is a brown leather chinstrap that has aluminum hardware. It is maker marked and dated 1936. Included in the sale is a nice folder with information on the owner as well as some copies of photos. Here is more on his military history:


Sachenbacher joined Reiter-Regiment 17 (Cavalry Regiment 17) in 1929 and was assigned to the staff of both the Kavallerieschule Hannover (Hannover Cavalry School) and the Heeres-Reit- und Fahrschule (Army Riding and Driver's School) in Potsdam prior to World War II. He was awarded the Knight’s Cross on 14 December 1941 as the Commander of Radfahr-Schwadron 219 (Bicycle Troop 219), which was attached to the 219. Infanterie-Division (219th Infantry Division). After advancing to Squadron Commander, Sachenbacher transferred to Germany's Armored Force and was unfortunately was killed at Cherkassy, Ukraine, on 27 November 1943 as a Major and Commander of II./Panzer-Regiment 11 (IInd Battalion of Panzer Regiment 11), which was assigned to the 6. Panzer-Division (6th Panzer Division).


Also included is a visor cap that was sold by the family along with the helmet. The visor is a white top cap worn by Sachenbacher while he was a student at a Military Academy. This one is not to miss!