Luftwaffe Trommelschere (Drum Hanger), Unit Marked

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Luftwaffe Trommelschere (Drum Hanger), Unit Marked-This is a fabulous piece that rarely ever turns up. It is made of a cast aluminum alloy in the shape of an off center half arc (see images), and the design on the face—a canted Luftwaffe eagle and swastika surrounded by oak leaves—is molded into the metal (i.e. the insignia was part of the mold casting, not separately affixed pieces). The swivel pin that allows the aluminum plate to pivot in a circle turns smoothly through 360°, and the hinged base of the pin (attached to the mount on the aluminum plate does not bind through its motion. The back of the plate is maker marked “Gebr. Ogban Hirschbach (Ogban Brothers, Hirschbach). The brown leather hanger strap is in fine condition and all of the leather stitching is sound. It is unit marked on one side (partially legible). Highly collectible, and scarce item!