Luftwaffe Other Ranks Medical Visor Cap

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NEW LISTING This is produced in a Luftwaffe blue/grey wool that has some very minor tracking and a few small moth holes (none bigger than a pencil tip). It is a clean example! It is a bit out of shape and could use some time with a hat form to bring it back. The front peak is at a medium height, not particularly low or high, just right. The desirable blue piping, for Medical personnel, is excellent and fully intact. The black ribbed mohair centerband is excellent as well, clean and damage-free. The insignia retains all of its original silver finish. The zinc eagle is of the standard second pattern, with a one-piece wing/cockade assembly produced in aluminum. The “Other Ranks” chinstrap is relatively matte, with a few spots of wear, there are two black finished buttons retaining it to the cap. The vulkanfiber visor is also matte surfaced now, with the standard green underside that looks great. The visor on this example has been resewn to the body of the cap. The interior is in good condition, with only the slightest hint of discoloration. The top lining is a tangerine colored fabric with light rippling, there is a hole in it that is the size of a penny. You can see where there was once a rhomboid-shaped moisture shield but it is missing. There is a brown leather sweatband, which is perforated at the forehead, is near excellent with only minor wear. The cap is a size 57. Above average condition overall!

  • Item #: HG-60e