Letter from the Leader of the NSFK, General der Flieger C

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Please Note: we have added text/arrows to the photos below (in red) to clarify the signature name on the document. These DO NOT appear on the actual document This letter from Christiansen measures 11.5” by just over 8” and is dated 1937. it is addressed to the “NSDAP Official on the Deputy Führer’s Staff handling Foreign Policy questions”. A purple ink stamp notes receipt by the Hauptreferat “V”. There is very slight yellowing and a two-hole punch along the left edge. The document has an embossed NSFK insignia and is on official letterhead of the Commander’s Office. There is a red ink stamp indicating receipt by the “Office Ribbentop” (this is likely where Hewel was located at this time, in 1939,) and an excellent, original Christiansen signature.

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