Late-Period Government Official’s Dagger by Alcoso

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This dagger was purchased as part of a small dagger collection!  There is a nice look to the entire dagger, having a mixture of original factory lacquer and a dark and light patina.  Beautiful!  The hilt eagle head exhibits minor carrying time to the edges and the pommel top, in addition to having a hard edge hit to the back of the eagle's head.  NO worries!  The decorative lines are nicely cut, while still retaining a nice burnish.  The top spanner matches the look of the hilt, showing a couple of faint signs of being turned.  In addition, it lies flat with the contour of the eagle’s head.  SCARCE find here!  The grip plates are the artificial mother of pearl, having that golden hue appearance.  Gorgeous!  The ferrule perfectly matches the look and condition of the other hilt parts.  It is adorned with two cut lines with nice background burnishing.  The Alcoso crossguard is significantly better then the norm, having outstanding detail and workmanship with a beautifully detailed eagle!  The edges remain crisp throughout!  In addition, the swastika within the wreath is nicely vaulted.  The blade is bright and shiny, with nearly 100% crossgraining, in addition to the normal in and out runner marks.  The tip and lower left edge show signs of being expertly repaired!  Additionally, there are a few faint smudges throughout both sides.  Accordingly, the blade grades strong excellent to near mint!  The reverse ricasso is etched with a late-period Alcoso horizontal trademark, indicating that the piece was probable produced after 1941.  The horizontal trademark has the Alcoso scales with the company initials interspersed within the scales “ACS”.  Finally, the scales themselves have a solid etch filling.  To the right of the scales is the company name appearing in script letters, and below is the company location, Alcosa / Solingen.  By the way, the name appears to end in an “a”, NOT an “o”.  NO worries!  The blade washer is missing to time!  The scabbard has a couple of very faint taps to the lower portion of the scabbard.  The pebbled surfaces are crisp with the edges having no signs of lifting.  The carrying bands have outstanding detail, rising toward the eyelets.  This is not an Alcosa characteristic. I've been told that this characteristic is found on Puma examples, or that it is incorrect altogether.  Either way, it's not correct for an Alcosa and the price reflects this.  The throat is retained by two small bore side screws, which show faint signs of being turned. This is overall a nice example and priced fairly, based on the characteristics.

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