Lappland Grouping

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Lappland Grouping- This is the first time I have ever been able to offer this award, which comes complete with the issue document. Those of you who are aware of this campaign know that it was one of the last decorations that was awarded, and whether or not this was in an official capacity has never been fully decided. The campaign shield itself is as you would expect, daily crude in construction. This happens to be one of the reasons that I like it. That combined with the source that I got it from, gave me a real confidence that this is an authentic example. The shield has five holes, which would allow the piece to be sewn to the sleeve of the soldier. However, based on the date of the award, which was the 20th of July, 1945 and therefore two months plus since the war had ended, it is unlikely that the soldier had the opportunity to wear the decoration. In case you are unfamiliar with this last campaign, I urge you to read about it, as it was one of the last bastions of German defense. The award is complete with the certificate as I have described, however in addition to this we have two more documents given to this soldier, whose name was Heinrich Richter. We also have his Wehrpass which has a number of entries, the last of which is an assignment to a unit and is dated the 10th of September 1945. He happened to be in a signals unit. This is a highly desirable grouping worthy of research and all from the same soldier.