Kriegspfarrer Major Tomaschek POW Grouping

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Kriegspfarrer Major Tomaschek POW Grouping-This grouping belonged to War Priest (Kriegspfarrer) Major Tomaschek. It includes a Paper crafted/painted table stand showing a picture of a watchtower of a POW camp. Width: 10cm. Also included is a wooden crafted / carved plaque which reads KRIEGSPFARRER CHAPLAIN MAJOR JOSEF E.TOMASCHEK. Size: 16,5cm + 8cm. Tomaschek was born in 1913 and died in 1996. He served with Stab/2. Gebirgs-Division on 1.11.1941 and ended up in a POW camp. Unique and rare and in excellent condition!

  • Item #: S-120