Kriegsmarine First Pattern “Schnellboot-Kriegsabzeichen

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Kriegsmarine First Pattern “Schnellboot-Kriegsabzeichen (E-Boat Badge) - Just like the second pattern, this exclusive badge was given for meritorious service aboard the infamous “S” boats that saw service from the English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea. Specifically, the qualifications were 1) twelve sorties against enemy vessels or installations; 2) an uncommonly successful mission; 3) being wounded while engaged with the enemy; 4) displaying outstanding leadership in the face of the enemy. The second pattern was introduced in January 1943, replacing this first pattern although the earlier badge continued to be worn by some of its recipients. It is slightly smaller overall than the second pattern, and the bow of the boat is inside the outer edge of the wreath. It also has a scooped back, unlike the flat reverse of the second pattern. This example is produced in zinc, and the gilt finish to the badge is completely missing. The silver finish on the boat remains 30% intact. The gilt finish on the reverse is very dark, with about 25% remaining intact. There is a horizontal, tapered pin that functions properly. The catch is rectangular wire and attached to a round base which is then soldered to the badge. The stabilizing hook, seen at the top of the badge, is a round wire soldered directly to the reverse. All of the hardware is produced in tombak. A sound example of this desirable badge for a bargain price!

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