Japanese WWII Beer Bottle from Truk Lagoon Wreck

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These were taken by me from the wreck of the Japanese “Rio De Janiero” Maru which was sunk off of Truk Lagoon (by New Guinea). This ship is a 961 foot-long Naval transport and submarine tender that was sunk during the US attack of Truk Lagoon, which was considered retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Operation Hailstone started on February 17, 1944 and lasted for three days; it was one of 60 Japanese ships and 275 planes were sent to the bottom of the lagoon during the attack. The bottles measure 11.5” tall (29.2cm) and are produced in green glass. We have a few that are an amber color as well. There is lots of Japanese writing on these bottles and a few of them have English writing as well. I picked these up on a diving trip I took back in 2003. Would be an interesting piece of WWII history!

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