Interesting Swastika Water Pitcher

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This is made of a glazed pottery, with a smooth finish applied over a rough textured material. It is mainly an off white color, with sea blue highlights to the upper and lower edge. The approximate size is 8” tall with a base diameter of 5.5” tapering up to a diameter at the opening of 5”. The central figure on both the front and back is a large static swastika framed by a square box. The upper and lower edge also contain a row of smaller, backward facing swastikas. As we all know, the swastika was also used as a good luck symbol and an Indian symbol. These were produced in the 1920’s and 1930’s and many people think they are something they are not. There are a few hairline cracks visible, and a small chip in the top inner edge (I have photographed this). A near excellent example of an interesting item! Perfect for your summer lemonade!

  • Item #: S-114