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Interesting Political Leader Overseas Cap from an Ordensburg…Indirect Veteran Acquisition-This great cap is produced in brown wool that is very clean, with just minor discoloration, wear and tracking visible in a few spots. The left side, as worn, has a handsome triangular shaped insignia that is machine applied. It features an eagle in silver with a backing of cloth of the same color as the cap. The button at the front has a silver finish that remains mostly intact. It has a static swastika and the eagle. The interior is fully lined in brown cloth that is very clean. The cap is ink stamped with the size of 59. There is an RZM tag which lists the maker as number 3, indicating production by Maria Stahl of München. Ink stamped on the side of the interior is the script “Eigentum der N.S. Ordensburg 1940” indicating that this was the property of one of the Ordensburgen, or schools used to train future political leaders. This was a recent, indirect veteran purchase (along with other caps). Very desirable and in above average condition!

  • Item #: HG-115