50's Vintage Reissue WWII US M1C Paratrooper Helmet-HUGE SAVINGS!!!

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Interesting 50's Vintage Reissue from WWII M1C Paratrooper Helmet-This example is named twice, presumably the first name being the soldier from WWII and the second from the Korean conflict. The exterior finish is dark green, and remains 80% intact. There are a few dings in the top of the dome. There appears to be some sort of black marking across the rear of the helmet. Each side has a white painted pentagon tactical symbol, indicating this was reissued to a member of the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment, whose parent unit is the 11th Airborne. It is a front seam, swivel bale WWII production helmet. Inside, there are two names painted onto the side. The first one appears to read "Pvt. Byron L. Draper. US....". The second appears to read "Hoogan Gary F RA 26-365956". We have not researched either of these individuals so this could be an interesting thing to do! The original olive tan chinstrap has moderate wear, and the finish is completely missing from the hardware. The original finish is still visible inside the shell. The Westinghouse high pressure liner is the original WWII example, with a refinished exterior. The inside has some wear from use. The liner band and nape strap are both well marked. The chin cup is the four hole type. The original brown leather chinstrap is in good condition, with light scuffing only. A great example, and a fun research project! 

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