Insignia and Artifacts of the Waffen SS-NOW BACK IN STOCK!!!

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By Michael D. Beaver. Text, layout and captions by Mark A. Bando. This collectors’ guide illustrates and explains the Rank and Unit insignia used by the German Divisions of the Waffen-SS. Many of the items illustrated herein were taken as trophies in combat by American GI’s, who brought souvenirs home from WWII battle areas. Most Third Reich artifacts now in collections in the United States were captured by American GI’s, the original collectors of these items. Allied soldiers recognized the Waffen-SS as formidable opponents, and highly prized the insignia and other souvenirs removed from the fallen Elite Guard and SS Prisoners Of War. Collector demand has far exceeded the finite amount of original surviving SS material, causing prices to escalate to amazing levels. The average collector can never afford many of the items illustrated in this book, but they represent many famous collections. Seeing the artifacts in detail and full color is the next best thing to owning them. We are proud to offer this book! A must have! 338 pages.