SS Model 1940 Tunic for NCO

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This is a textbook, untouched, original tunic which as you know regarding SS tunics is as rare as hens teeth! It has an amazing, been there look that I believe we all love. This comes at the price of some wear and holes which we have photographed so there will be no surprises. Some of the holes are covered when displayed with a belt, but others are definitely visible. We will let the pictures do the talking. We love it! The tunic is an original (not converted) SS tunic, having the proper SS cut. There are two modifications to the tunic. The first is the collar, which was upgraded as part of a promotion to an NCO, a common practice “back in the day”. At the same time, this NCO opted to have the tunic shortened by about 2”, a common practice that they felt gave the tunic a better look. This is obvious due to the space between the bottom of the pockets as well as when the interior is viewed, the extremely short bandage pocket. The tunic has four pleated pockets with scalloped flaps. There is a five button closure and the buttons are all field gray finished pebbled metal. The aforementioned collar is dark green badge cloth. There is NCO tresse (correct width) at the front and lower edges of the collar. Please note the extremely pointed ends of the collar, common to SS tunics. Machine applied to the collar is a machine woven, silver flat wire runic tab (right side) and a rank tab with a single silvered metal pip (left side). The slip on shoulder boards have a black, ribbed cloth face with NCO tresse along all but the end. There is white piping and field gray wool on the back side. This all indicates that the wearer held the NCO rank of SS unterscharführer, equivalent to a sergeant. A real standout is the machine woven SS sleeve eagle. It is in great condition and applied in the super desirable and sought after “T” type stitch pattern. Take a good look at the pics and you will see what this is. There is evidence that a cuff title was once applied to the lower left sleeve. You can see where the color of the wool is slightly different. This may have been removed at the end of the war, which was common, or afterwards, there is no way to know. The interior is partially lined in golden brown rayon which has some minor wear and discoloration from use.  There is an ink stamp with maker and sizing information on the upper right closure seam. The contract for this specific tunic was in ’42 (stamped “M 42”) and it is a size medium (stamped 92). The maker is one that is commonly known to produce SS uniforms and one that we have encountered in the past. Also of note is the aforementioned super short bandage pocket. What else can we say? This is an amazing, supremely scarce combat jacket that, despite the obvious condition issues, is still incredibly desirable!

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