HUGE Document Lot for WWI German Chaplain

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This massive lot includes over 50 documents and letters from German Chaplain Richard Gustav Dahkle. The first document in the group is his confirmation paper, which is dated 7.April 1895. Is says his date of birth was 13.Juni 1880. The range of dates here is astounding, with the last document (a 10.000 RM insurance policy) being dated 1952!  There are letters of praise from his grammar school, a rental contract and letters from the Evangelischer Feldpropst der Armee dated 1908, 1909 and 1910 and signed by high-ranking military Oberpfarrers. There is a lot of interesting information here! Also included is his Militar-Pak dated 1900 and 1905. One interesting item in the grouping is a large black and white photo entitled “Ausgrabung Palikura”, or “Toilet Excavation” showing just that.  Don’t ask!  Anyway, this is a fantastic grouping of original documents and letters and makes a collection in itself!  Impossible to begin to describe. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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