Headgear of Hitler’s Germany, Volume Five

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Headgear of Hitler’s Germany, Volume Five- By Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris with Roger Bender, Otto Spronk and Stan Cook, 2012. The in-depth research of Third Reich Political and Semi-Political Headgear continues. Thousands of foreigners served in the wartime transportation formations of 'Speer' and 'Todt.' This volume has a special chapter dedicated to these units. Initially starting as 'NSKK-Transportbrigade Speer' and 'Todt,' they were combined to become 'NSKK-Transportgruppe Todt,' which later became 'Transportkorps Speer.' Volume Two covered the 'Deutscher Luftsport-Verband' and this volume deals with its sucessor, the NSFK. Also detailed are the early labor organizations known as the 'Freiwilliger Arbeitsdienst' which would evolve into the 'Reichsarbeitsdienst'. The RAD chapter is loaded with new facts and has a 60-page study of the traditions cap badges, explaining their design and wear. The final chapter is on the 'Arbeitseinsatzverwaltung' (‘Labor Mobilization Administration’). The evolution of headgear and insignia for all of the above is meticulously covered plus hundreds of rare photos of them in wear. 512 pages, featuring 931 photos, most in color.