Handsome Forestry Official Visor Cap

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Handsome Forestry Official Visor Cap-This great looking cap has a body of grass green wool that is super clean! There is very minor tracking and discoloration to the top panel only. The cap has black piping and a black badge cloth center band. The beautiful, nickel silver eagle and wreath have toned to a handsome hue. The cockade is metal with a mobile swastika in the center. There is an officer type bullion double chin cord held in place by a pair of silver finished pebbled metal buttons. The black vulkanfibre visor is in fantastic condition, with two small chips out of the front. The lightly crosshatched underside is finished in an orange/brown hue. The interior is fully lined, with gold rayon on the top panel and gold cloth around the rest of the inside. There is a rhomboid shaped moisture shield which is fully intact. There is a label underneath which reads “Mützen-Storr-Gegr. 1886 München Orlandostr. 6”. Hand written onto the lining is the roman numeral VIII which I assume is the size, 58. The orange/brown leather sweatband is in fantastic condition, remaining soft and supple. A wonderful, quality, early production cap!

  • Item #: HG-82