Classic, Textbook, Honest German Model 1935 Allgemeine-SS

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Classic, Textbook, Honest German Model 1935 Allgemeine-SS Double Decal Helmet - The provenance is interesting on this helmet! I purchased the helmet from a collector in Pennsylvania, who had previously bought it from me.  Prior to that, I had purchased it from an advanced Japanese collector who lives in Australia, who also bought it from me. So, in the course of the past 10 years, I have owned this beauty three times. After I listed it on my website, a friend/collector from Georgia wrote me to tell me "the rest of the story".  Another old-time collector from Arizona, whose collection I bought years ago had originally acquired it from a very old German lady out his way.  During the Third Reich, this lady’s parents trained dogs for the SS.  Members from the Units often visited her house.  At that time she was a little girl. She told my friend Larry that after a parade, some SS men in black uniforms were resting in her yard. When they left, one walked off without his helmet. She grabbed it and hid it all those years. She later moved to the United States.  That's how the first collector got his hands on it many years ago.  This helmet started life as a Double Decal Waffen-SS example with an apple green parade finish, which can be seen in many areas of the interior and exterior now. It was then reissued to the Allgemeine-SS and given a black lacquer finish, which remains an honest 60% intact. The “ET” manufactured decals are quite nice, with the runic example remaining 85% intact and the Party shield checks in at 90%, with both displaying some moderate toning/cracking. This makes this example all the more intriguing, as it retains the original ET decals, even after the reissue!  The brown leather size-stamped 57 liner is near excellent, with minor discoloration and scuffing. Someone substituted a piece of rope for the drawstring. I firmly believe this was “period” done, because the thick string is the same blue and white for Bavaria.  There are two names written onto the liner, one is crossed out, while the other looks like “Behubert, Albert”. The linerband is a reinforced aluminum example that is manufacturer stamped and dated, 1939. The side of the interior is stamped “ET 64”, being produced by Eisenhuttenwerke in Thale in a size 64. The production run number, at the rear of the skirt, is “4392”. The black leather chinstrap has some age cracking but is intact, it has an aluminum buckle and is manufacturer marked and dated 1939. If you like them scarce, honest and desirable, you will be hard-pressed to beat this great example! 

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