Group of 10 Documents for Oberleutnant Willy Leeske, Jager regt. 188

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This grouping includes the following, all for Oberleutnant Willy Leeske, Jager Regt. 188: Award Document for EKII, dated 1/8/1941;  Award Document for EKI, dated 6/3/1944; Black Wound Badge award document (both large and small versions) dated 1/10/1941;  Award Document for Silver Infantry Assault Badge dated 28/9/1942;  a notice that the above award was sent dated 2/10/1942; Military Assessment of Service Certificate while with Infantry Regt. 50, dated 22/12/1937 and another one dated 9/7/1938; his Confirmation Certificate (with badge hole punched out) dated 11/3/1921 and finally his death certificate dated 7/10/1982 with many personal details. We were given this additional information (thanks Tom!) ~ check it out:

Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse
- 4./J.R.188 (Jager Regiment 188), part of 68.Infanterie Division, awarded for actions Tscherkassy (Cherkasy) Ukraine on 1.August.1941
- signed by Generalmajor (later Generalleutnant) Georg BRAUN, killed Kharkov 14/11/1941
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Eisernes Kreuz 1.Klasse
- II./Gren.Rgt Konig, 454.Sicherungs.Division (221.Infanterie.Division), awarded for "Anti-Partisan" actions Eastern Front (this was a "Security" Division).  The 454.Sicherungs.Division was part of Heeresgruppe Sud (Army Group South). In March 1944, this Unit fought in the vicinity of Rowno/Kowel in N.W Ukraine (thanks to Tom M. for this information!)
- signed by Oberst Joachim WAGNER (later, Commander of 462.Volksgrenadier.Division destroyed at Metz)
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