German Rubber Ink Stamp

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Wooden stamp with rubber pad which is approximately 4” tall with a rectangular base measuring 3 3/8” long by 2 7/8” tall. There is incredibly lengthy script, here are the first few lines: “Geheime Reichssache! 1. Diese ist ein Staatsgeheimnis im Sinne des Artikel 88 RSfGB ün der Fassung des v. 24.4.1934….2. Nur von Hand zu Hand….3.4.5.”. The English translation of the above is “1. This is a state secret in the sense of article 88 of the National penal code (edition of 24 April, 1934). 2. May only be transferred from hand to hand”…..there are a third, fourth and fifth line on this huge stamp, we will let you practice your old German to figure out the rest for yourself!  It has a round, ball shaped handle with a metal manufacturer’s tag indicating it was made by Decker in Ludwigshafen. Excellent condition! Very impressive!

  • Item #: S-718