German Rubber Ink Stamp

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Wooden stamp with rubber pad which is approximately 3 7/8”  tall with a rectangular base that is 3 ¾” long and 1 ¾” tall. The script reads “Geheime! 1. Dies ist ein Staatsgeheimnis im Sinne des artikel 88 RSfGB in der Fassung des Fesetzes vom 24.4.1934 (RGBL. 1 S. 33 ff.). 2. Weitergabe nur verschlossen, bei Postbeförderung als, Einschreiben’. 3. Empfânger haftet für sichere aufbewahrung.” This translates in English to “Secret! 1. This is a state secret in the sense of Article 88 of the Nation Penal Code (ReichsStraFGesetzBuch), Version of 24 April 1934 (RGBL.1S 34ff) 2. Circulation only in sealed package, posted by registered mail. 3. Recipient assumes liability for secure storage.” Has a round, ball shaped handle with a metal tag stating it was manufactured by Decker, which was located in Ludwigshafen. Excellent condition!

  • Item #: S-708