Gau Level Political Leaders Armband

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This style was utilized at all levels except orts, this particular example is for an Gau level political leader with its red nylon piping at the top and bottom. It is for the rank of leiter eines stelle (leader of a post, zellenwalter (cell warden) and zellenobmann (cell officials). It is produced with a red wool field which has some very slight tracking to the nap. It does remain very clean. There is a separately applied white disc with a multi piece swastika, both of which are piped with a gold twist cord. Both the top and bottom of the brassard have 7mm wide oak leaf tape which is produced with a gold thread. The ends are not sewn together. The reverse has an ink stamp which indicates “which way is up” (an arrow with the word “oben”). Also seen is a fully intact paper RZM tag. Near excellent!

  • Item #: C-600h