Allgemeine -SS Brigadeführer Walter Ortlepp Summer Uniform

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Allgemeine -SS Brigadeführer Walter Ortlepp Summer Uniform-I have a feeling this will get your attention… This Summer white tunic belonged to Allgemeine -SS Brigadeführer Walter Ortlepp and all documentation (as prepared by Ross Kelbaugh) is available. He was born 9 July 1900 in Gotha/Thüringen and died on 23 October 1971. After his service as a Kanonier in World War I, he joined the NSDAP in September 1923; subsequently he left the Party but then rejoined in September 1927. He joined the SS in 1931 and was issued the number 11 319, his first promotion to Untersturmführer took place on 4 September of that year. Rising through the ranks he ended the war (after being promoted on 20 April 1937) as a Brigadeführer.  During this time his assignments ranged from being the Polizeidirektor in Weimar, the Staatssekretär of Thuringen, the Landesführer IX of the DRK (German Red Cross) and 10 years of service at the SD-Hauptamt. His list of awards was fairly lengthy, to include WWI Honor Cross for Combatants, the SA Sports Badge, the War Merit Cross First Class with Swords (and 2nd Class without Swords), the German Red Cross Honor Badge and the Totenkopf Ring for his service in the SS, amongst others. He was also a holder of a Golden Party Badge and an Honor Sword from the Reichsführer SS.  This tunic is an absolute indirect Veteran purchase, which has never been in another collection. We will supply the buyer with the name and Unit information of the US Army Veteran who brought this item (as well as other juicy items) home. There is also a very interesting (and humorous!) story regarding this tunic…the Veteran entered it in the 1950 York (Pennsylvania) State Fair as an overseas war article. He took second place, presumably losing to Bessie the cow. We have attached a picture of the ribbon and the tag for the event; as you can see the number listed 1214 is the same as the one on a small red and white sticker affixed to the neck area on the inside of the tunic. The picture is attached for informational purposes, as it is staying with another tunic in our collection from this exact same grouping. The tunic is produced in a rugged white cloth that is near excellent with minor wear. There is some minor discoloration and staining throughout, neither of these are much of a distraction at all. The front closure has four large silver finished pebbled aluminum buttons, all of these are present and match the four that are on the pockets. Speaking of the pockets, the breast ones are a pleated patch type with a scalloped flap while the waist ones are internal with the same style flap. The left (as worn) breast pocket has loops for two awards, and just above are loops for a large medal bar. The lower sleeves have a French cuff.  The collar has a pair of detachable (for laundering purposes) tabs which are held in place via four snaps each. These handsome tabs have black wool facings with a silver bullion twist cord around the edge. Each has a pair of oakleaves with three acorns and a single pip, hand embroidered in silver flatwire, they are just phenomenal! These, of course, are for his Rank as a Brigadeführer. Also seen is a single slip-on shoulder board which has a woven facing in matte grey flat wire over a white background. This displays some significant wear and discoloration. The underlay is produced in black wool. The shoulder board was not present when I purchased the grouping and one in better condition is warranted. The current should board is for a lower rank Sturmführer (Major) and is a W-SS style. The left sleeve contains a handsome Allgemeine-SS armband in red wool with a separately applied white disc and multi-piece swastika. The upper and lower edges are trimmed in a black cloth strip that is approximately 8mm wide. The brassard, which is original to the tunic, is lightly tacked onto the sleeve, enabling a view of the reverse which has a mint paper SS RZM tag affixed to it. The tunic is fairly large, approximately a size 40. The interior is completely unlined and condition wise it mimics the exterior with minor discoloration only. The tunic did have the SD diamond and you can see where that was, but it’s missing. There is a cloth strap dagger hanger with a metal “D” ring to go along with the appropriate dagger slot (which is slightly torn). What more can I say? This special piece of memorabilia has rock solid provenance and can now be the centerpiece of your collection!

Please note that any "accessories" (i.e. medals, badges, belts etc.) are NOT included unless stated in description!

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