Extremely Scarce, Well Documented (and Published) German Model 1940 SS Danish Schalburg Guard Korps Helmet

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Extremely Scarce, Well Documented (and Published) German Model 1940 SS Danish Schalburg Guard Korps Helmet-This helmet was recently purchased by us from the collection of noted Canadian collector Doug Buhler. It was also once in the collection of noted author Ludwig Baer. This exact helmet appears on page 361 of his book "The History of the German Steel Helmet, 1916-1945". It also appears on page 186 of the book "SS HELMETS - THE HISTORY, USE AND DECORATION OF THE HELMETS OF THE BLACK CORPS" by Michael Beaver and Kelly Hicks.  This helmet was used by personnel of the SS Danish Schalburg Guard Korps. They were a Danish volunteer corps and branch of the Germanic SS. It was named in honor of Christian Frederik von Schalburg, commander of the Free Corps Denmark who was killed in action in the Demyansk Pocket in 1942. Thus, Christian Frederik von Schalburg did not have anything to do with the creation of the Schalburg Corps. The Danish Germanic-SS was formed on February 2, 1943. On March 30, the corps was renamed to Schalburg Corps. During the summer of 1943 Søren Kam was commander of the Schalburg Corps. Members who had not had any Eastern Front combat experience had to go through a six-week political indoctrination and combat training. The corps was divided into two groups, the first made up of regular soldiers and the second, which came to be known as the Danish People's Defense, of civilians, some of whom were expected to provide financial backing. Members of the corps were used as a guard battalion to protect railroads and crossroads from sabotage. In July 1944, the Schalburg Corps was incorporated into the SS as SS Training Battalion Schalburg. Six months later it was renamed the SS Guard Battalion Zealand. It was officially disbanded on February 28, 1945. The helmet is a GEM! It is finished in satin black. The finish remains absolutely fully intact. The swastika is a broken sun cross type, hand painted in white and fully intact as well. The interior has a thin, brown leather liner that is size stamped 58. There is a drawstring and a zinc liner band that is maker marked, dated 1942 and size stamped 66/58. The side of the interior is stamped Q 66 indicating production by Quist in the size of 66. the rear skirt has the steel lot number 11388. There is a white square that may have been a name tag or something else visible on the skirt next to the lot number. The chinstrap is brown leather with steel hardware. It is maker marked and dated 1942. How rare is this helmet? Extremely rare and super desirable. Add the fact that is was part of two prominent collections, that it is extremely well documented and then of course the condition and it is a real winner!