Extremely Early NAZI SS Shelter Quarter (Zeltbahn)

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Extremely Early NAZI SS Shelter Quarter (Zeltbahn)-Here is a very early example of the non camouflage, green canvas zeltbahn as used by the SS. It is shaped and sized just like the later, camouflage versions. There is a slot in the center and buttons all around the perimeter (all but two are in place, buttons and grommets are aluminum). This one has seen some use for sure. There are multiple repairs including one large section that was replaced measuring 20" x 13". This was done a long time ago! There are a few small rips, discoloration/stains and tiny holes throughout as well. There is a great, black cloth SS tag which reads "Vom Reichsführer SS befohlene Ausführung" (By Order of the Reichsführer SS) along with encircled runes and RZM motto. An additional black cloth tag to the right says "37/34". There is also an ink stamp below the large tag, this looks like it has unit info but it is hard to read. There is evidence of another cloth tag being sewn on at one point but this is gone, this may have been a name tag. Very desirable, only the second one I’ve ever owned, rare in any condition!