Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Luftwaffe

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Signed edition by Thomas T. Wittmann, 1997. This hard cover reference with dust cover is the latest in the Wittmann "Exploring" series. It is a real beauty, loaded with color photographs. The easy to understand text includes over 100 color photos alone, with another 400 plus black and white photos. The photography throughout is the best the reader will see in any reference work. The printing is done with 200 line screen, enabling the reader to study photo detail through a loupe, if desired. An extraordinary adventure in blade collecting awaits the purchaser/collector with this second volume. Wittmann covers in complete detail the SLV long daggers, the DLV and NSFK Glider Pilot, the mysterious Transitional Luftwaffe DLV and 1st Pattern Models, early, mid-period and late aluminum 1st Luftwaffe examples, the DLV Ranking Sword, the Luftwaffe Sword, the 2nd Model Luftwaffe Officer Dagger and finally, the Luftwaffe General Degen is examined for the first time. All chapters are in-depth, designed to teach both the beginning and advanced collector this great hobby. This series of books will be a must for every serious collector. 431 pages.