SS-Standarte "Germania" Officer Walking Out Dress Uniform

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Excellent Walking Out Dress Tunic for SS-Standarte "Germania" Officer-This tunic was recently purchased by us from the elite collection of Canadian Doug Buhler. It is a private purchase example and produced in top quality black wool that is in excellent condition, having just the slightest hint of discoloration and wear from use. There is a four button closure; all buttons are silver finished pebbled metal, each is maker marked. This open neck, dress tunic has lapels and a lay down collar. It also has French cuffs and a split tail. There are four pockets with scalloped flaps. The breast pockets are pleated while the hip pockets are hidden (internal). The collar is piped in a silver, aluminum twist rope. The unit and rank tab are each neatly and professionally hand applied (as is the majority of this vintage SS insignia). Each is also piped in silver aluminum twist rope. The unit tab features a pair of silver wire runes and a silver wire number "2". The rank tab has three silver finished (finish missing and some verdigris) metal pips and a narrow tresses strip in silver bisected by a black cloth stripe. The single, sew in shoulder board has six rows of silver bullion twist rope. There is a gothic letter "G" cipher. The backing is black badge cloth. The insignia indicates the wearer was an obersturmführer (1st lieutenant) assigned to SS-Standarte "Germania". The right sleeve has an "Old Fighters" chevron of silver tresses over black. This has been neatly hand applied. There are loops for a medium sized medal bar above the left breast pocket. The badges on the included medal bar are, from left to right, a WWI EKII, a WWII War Merit Cross w/o Swords, a WWI Hindenburg Cross and a WWII Long Service Award. The left sleeve has an SS wool armband of red wool. The upper and lower edges are trimmed in black cloth. The white disc is separately applied as is the multi piece, black cloth swastika. Moving down to the cuff, there is a handsome "Germania" cuff title which has been hand applied. The upper and lower edges are trimmed in bright silver flat wire, the same as used for the script. The interior is fully lined in black rayon which is in excellent condition. There is a single pocket on the left side. There is a tailor tag in the neck area which indicates that this was produced by the firm of H. Kerstges of Dortmund. This tunic is a large size. What a find! 

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