Excellent DAK Trop Overseas Cap for Other Ranks Panzer

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Excellent DAK Tropical Overseas Cap for Other Ranks Panzer Personnel-A desirable piece of tropical headgear! The cap is in excellent condition and produced in brownish-olive colored cotton twill, with an original soutache in pink for Armored Troops on the front skirt. There is a brown enamel air vent grommet on each side of the cap (enamel missing from one side). The correctly hand applied eagle is machine woven in pale blue thread over mustard brown. The machine applied cockade is machine woven in red/black/white over tan. The size 55 stamped interior lining is the picture perfect, dull red color. The lining is stamped with other numbers, including the date of ’43 and an RBNr. An excellent example of this desirable piece of headgear!


  • Item #: HG-20e