Early SA Dagger Without Hanger by Anton Wingen Jr.

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This untouched example is right out of the woodwork!  The fittings throughout have that greenish tinge appearance.  I’ve left them alone, and will leave it will up to the new owner to decide whether or not to clean them!  The guards are solid nickel having smooth surfaces and fine crisp edges.  They have the characteristic deep hand-enhanced accent grooving which is the hallmark of Wingen pieces.  The guards are both internally marked with the letters P. and A. on either side tang clearance hole.  The tang is heavily coated with oxidation, which is a further sign that this has NOT been apart or tampered with in any form!  The reverse lower crossguard is Gau-stamped No.  The grip is a dark brown color, having a medium contour ridge displaying minor wear/age to both sides.  In addition, there are few splash speckles of house paint appearing to the obverse side.  I believe that this piece was hanging on perhaps the den wall during at least one painting process.  The SA button is the convex style being nicely placed in a slightly higher elevated position of the grip.  NO worries!  There are numerous enamel chips throughout.  The nickel grip eagle is also nicely placed being the upward pointing beak style exhibiting faint highlight wear.  The grip-to-guard fit is perfect!  The blade is a REAL LOOKER!  It remains bright and shiny with 100% crossgraining.  The blade edges and tip remains factory crisp.  The runner marks are surprisingly light.  The SA motto, “Alles fur Deutschland”, is crisp, retaining approximately 100% of the original backgrounding.  The blade easily grades near mint to mint-.  HARD to top this one!  The reverse ricasso is matching etched with the larger Wingen little knight trademark with the firm’s name above and the company location below forming a downward and upward arch Anton Wingen, Jr. / Solingen.  The backgrounding grades 100%!  The scabbard shell is straight to ALL sides.  The original factory anodizing and lacquer is intact, but the surfaces exhibit extensive pimpling in addition to a few tiny paint splatters to the obverse side.  The solid nickel scabbard fittings perfectly match the look of the hilt.  The upper fitting appears to have faint storage scratches to both sides while the lower fitting and the ball contain a couple of faint taps to all sides!  All domehead screws are intact showing turning signs which I believe are period done.  A decent, representative example!  Excellent.

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