NAZI SS Model 1942 Camo Smock

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Super Desirable Model 1942 SS Camouflage Smock in Plane Tree Pattern-This is a great example of the plane tree camo smock with an oak leaf under print. This is a desirable combination! It’s a plane tree  #6 as the number 6  is seen in three different places on the smock. The green drawstring is rayon like the originals but this is a shoestring replacement. The colors are still vibrant. The elastics in the wrist and the waist have been removed as have the foliage loops on the fall pattern. One can only speculate when this was done but I have no reason to believe it was post war, this doesn’t make sense. This is the style that has the straight lower pockets and scalloped flaps. There are the usual pulls and repairs, let’s be conservative and say these were collector done. Overall, a very good and reasonably priced (by SS smock standards) example. Please look at all of the pictures and get a proper assessment. You won’t be disappointed!

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