Desirable Allgemeine SS "Other Ranks" Visor Cap

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Desirable Allgemeine SS "Other Ranks" Visor Cap-This handsome example is produced in black, trikot weave wool. The cap has a ribbed look, with the weave being more distinct. Very nice! There is the absolute slightest hint of tracking to the top panel. This is literally microscopic and hardly worth a mention but full disclosure rules here. There is some very minor wear to the white piping around the top panel as well. The insignia is a real stand out! Original to the cap, produced in cupal, and really great looking. The finish to the skull is burnished and worn but this only adds some personality and an honest, vintage look. The black leather chinstrap is original and a beauty. The black vulkanfibre visor is in great condition. It is, however, a bit loose and someone has made an attempt to better affix it. For display purposes this isnt an issue as it sits and looks just fine. It could easily be restitched if one chose to do so but I would leave it alone. The underside is crosshatched and finished in the oft-found orange brown hue. Also seen is the black "RZM SS" ink stamp on the underside. As for the interior, the upper panel is finished in orange/brown oil cloth which remains clean. The diamond shaped moisture shield is fully intact, protecting the gold encircled SS runes underneath it. The sides are lined in orange brown cheese cloth which has some discoloration. The sweatband is fully intact, produced in thin orange brown leather and in great condition. Someone replaced the "foam" under the forehead area with a modern piece. This is great for display and isn't visible as its under the sweatband. Stamped underneath the sweatband is "CN 38". There are initial buttons on the sweatband which read ""JS". Again, looking underneath is the large, oil cloth RZM tag which indicates the number of the maker is 5, for Adolf Ernst of Hannover. A beauty of a cap that anyone would be proud to own! 

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