Defending the Reich

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By David Littlejohn.  Usual Bender standard (9.25” by 6.25”) size format.  In this work, the author gives a history of the air war, year by year, and then introduces the reader to the active ground defenses:  flak, radar, searchlights, etc. The picture is completed with his coverage of Germany’s civil defense structure which included the Luftschutz, TeNo, Police and Fire Services, Werkfeuerwehr, Luftschutzpolizei, Fire Services (Youth), etc. All of the above organizations are richly illustrated in color and period photos and show related uniforms, rank and specialty insignia, daggers, flags, medals, helmets...actually everything these organizations wore and used. Be prepared to see rare and unique uniform items in brilliant color, many never before identified. This massive book will be one of your favorite and most used reference books!  Approximately 1,573 photos / illustrations, many in color.   680 pages.


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