DAF Ort Level Factory Standard for Gressenich

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DAF Ort Level Factory Standard for Gressenich-This super desirable standard is produced in dark red bunting. There are some nips and holes and also some minor discoloration. The standard measures 52 1/2" by 47 1/2" and is two sided. Each side has a separately applied DAF cogwheel insignia which has minor discoloration. Each side also has a light brown, badge cloth box which is piped in blue. Chain stitched into each box is the name of the city, Gressenich which is in the Rhineland section of Germany. Look up Gressenich on YouTube for some cool footage of US infantrymen walking through the woods there during WWII. The fringe around the three sides is fully intact. Another nice feature of this example is that all 6 of the metal rings are present. Each is stamped with the RZM motto as well as M3/37/40. A great piece that is reasonably priced!