Choice, German Eastern Peoples Winter Field Cap

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Choice, German Eastern Peoples Winter Field Cap- This interesting Eastern Peoples winter field cap is produced in a wool that is fairly coarse and in a hue similar to an SA or Organization Todt brown. The condition of the body is excellent. There is a one piece “flap” that runs around the circumference of the cap, two thirds of this is lined with an off white cotton “fur”. This could be folded over the ears and neck for warmth. The bill is produced in cardboard (or similar) and is a bit wavy from being bent but is otherwise sound. There is a huge BeVo stylized eagle on the front peak of the cap, this is machine woven in silver thread over a brown background. It has been hand applied to the cap. The lightly padded interior is fully lined in a field gray cloth. It is well marked by the manufacturer, “G. A. Hoffmann Berlin SW 23, also seen is the size of 56 and the date of production, 1943. An excellent cap overall!