Bavarian Officer Pickelhaube-

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Bavarian Officer Pickelhaube-This spiked helmet likely dates between 1895 & WWI. The black leather bodied helmet has a gilded brass Bavarian Reserve officer's silver highlighted front plate. The fluted spike, base, chinstrap, visor trim, rear spine & side bosses are also gilded brass. There is 1 officers cockade on the right side with nothing on the left. The interior front visor (#13 painted in yellow) has a green leather finish & interior rear visor has a red leather finish. The sweatband appears to be calfskin w/ a silk officer's liner on the interior. The helmet body is slightly misshaped. There is 1 base star missing at the rear of the helmet. Chinstrap is complete. Both visors are partially detached due to deterioration of stitching. Sweatband shows light wear. Silk lining shows a little discoloration, wear and there is a small hole. A very good example overall!