WWII German Bahnschutz R.B.D.-Frankfurt (M) Schellenbaum Drape

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WWII German Bahnschutz R.B.D.-Frankfurt (M) Schellenbaum Drape-This magnificent piece is from my personal collection. It would have been attached to a “Jingling Johnnie” (“Schellenbaum”), which is the nine-foot tall musical instrument found at the beginning of a parade It is two-sided, produced in black rayon and measures 12" across, not including the silver bullion fringe. The fringe, which is seen on all but the top, is about 1.75" wide. It measures 10.75" from top to bottom. The central motif features a winged Railway wheel in silver bullion superimposed over a gold ribbed cloth mobile swastika. This is over a white cloth disc. This is the insignia of the German Railway, or Bahnschutz. Above the insignia is the script, in silver bullion, “Bahnschutz R.B.D.” and below it says “Frankfurt (M)”. This drape represented the group associated with the main Railway Station in Frankfurt on the Main. The reverse is plain. There are large bullion tassels in each of the four corners. There is nickel/silver dowel with a fancy domed cap at each end at the top of the drape. There are four one-inch wide silver strips that attach the drape to the dowel. The silver bullion twist cord finalizes at the center with a metal ring and snap clip. This incredibly scarce piece shows very light wear and only slight discoloration! I know of no other examples in any collection anywhere.