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Awesome Named Luftwaffe Leutnant Fliegerblouse, Visor Cap and Trousers for JG2/JG77 Pilot-This set belonged to Leutnant Horst Walbeck who was a member of Luftwaffe Jagdgeschwader 2 and 77 (fighter squadron 2 and 77). While a member of JG2 he claimed three victories:

-24th July 1941 he took down a British Vickers Wellington medium bomber 20km NW of Pabu at 1500 hrs and at 3000 meters altitude

-8th December 1941 a British Manchester heavy bomber at 1403 hrs

-13th December 1941 a British Handley Page Hampden medium bomber at 1746 hrs

He was born on January 29, 1922 he was killed flying for I./JG 77 on May 8, 1943 while attempting a  belly-landing of his Bf109 at Soliman, Tunisia. This grouping consists of his flight blouse (fliegerblouse), his visor cap and a great set of private purchase trousers. The blouse is produced in very soft blue gray wool that is in great condition with just slight wear from use. There is a four button (black Bakelite “DAF” buttons) closure and a lay down collar. There are slash type hip pockets. The collar has a set of hand applied, yellow badge cloth tabs which have a single bullion gull along with a wreath. Each is piped in a silver twist rope, as is the front and lower edges of the collar. The sew in shoulder boards have a bright silver flat wire face with an underlay of yellow badge cloth that doubles as the piping. The breast eagle is hand applied to the right breast. It is produced in silver bullion and silver flat wire over ribbed blue wool and is gorgeous. The left breast has loops for three different awards and a medium sized ribbon bar. The interior is fully lined in blue rayon that is excellent. There is a single pocket on the left side. Inside the pocket is a tailor tag with the name “Ltn. Walbeck”. The date on the label is 10.2.42 and the name of the tailor is Eder & Sohn or Nürnberg. There is a waist belt with a plated metal buckle as well as a strap and slot for an edged weapon. The blouse is a size medium. The trousers are quite unique! Definitely tailor made and of a superior quality. They are produced in blue gray wool with some minor wear, tracking and discoloration from use. More moderate wear is seen on one leg and in the crotch. There is a small hole in the seat as well. One of the unique aspects is that all of the pockets, even the watch fob pocket, has a zipper closure. They fly is also a zipper closure. All were originally equipped with a small chain/ball to open or close the zipper, the one for the left side pocket is missing but all other are still present. The other unique feature is the button waist. There are two set of four buttons in a square pattern which cinch up the waist. All of the function properly. The pants are straight legged and pleated. All of the straps and buttons for the suspenders are present. One of the straps is slightly torn but this could easily be repaired if one chose to do so. The interior features white cloth for the pocket bags and reinforcements. The waist measures 29” and the legs measure 42” in length. The visor cap is a really neat “officer upgrade”.  Walbeck removed the support rings from inside the cap so this give it not only a true saddle shape but also the look and feel of a crusher. It is a top quality, private purchase example produced in super soft blue gray trikot weave wool. It is in great condition with just minor wear and discoloration from use. The yellow piping is excellent, as is the black ribbed center band. The insignia is all aluminum with its silver finish remaining fully intact. He upgraded the cap with the addition of an officer bullion double chin cord which has toned nicely. He opted to leave the “other ranks” black chin cord buttons in place. The visor is black leather with some minor crazing. The interior is fully lined in light blue rayon that is excellent. There is a rhomboid shaped moisture shield that is fully intact. The script on the shield reads “Extra Ausführung (Extra Model), Marke Berlin, M.S. & S., W.”. There is a gray leather sweatband that is in great condition. The cap is a size 56.


Type: Bf 109 G-2

Werk Nummer: 16518

Loss Date: 8 May 1943

Loss Location: Soliman (Sulayman), Tunisia

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