WWII German Army Assault Gunner Wrapper

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WWII German Army Assault Gunner Wrapper- This is an extremely scarce and desirable army Stürmgeschutz wrapper that is in good condition. There are a few things to mention, so read on. First the green wool has some wear, a few repairs and lots of mothing but no holes (they have been repaired). All of the buttons are present. The collar tabs and shoulder straps are POST WAR REPLICAS! The machine woven, triangular breast eagle is an original piece which may or may not have been post war applied. There is a Krim shield which is an original that has been post war applied for sure. The partial green rayon lining is in good condition. It is marked with the sizes (medium, 98) and dated 1944. A good, original wrapper which can be enjoyed as is or restored with proper insignia, your choice!

Please note that any "accessories" (i.e. medals, badges, belts etc.) are NOT included unless stated in description!