“As Found”, Untouched Model 1938 Single Decal German Paratrooper Helmet

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This great German Paratrooper hemlet retains 70% of its originally applied, dark green, rough texture combat finish. As you can see, there is some surface rust, mostly on the right side. Also plainly visible is the “rope net” that was applied for camouflage purposes. This is retained to the helmet by both a metal hook and by tying it to the liner straps. This example has a decal that is excellent, remaining 95% intact. The interior shows just minor wear and discoloration with some scuffing to the lower edge. It is marked by the maker, Heisler, and also has the size of the liner (57) and the shell (68). Seen between the zinc linerband the liner itself are the seven charcoal foam pads; the entire assembly is attached to the shell via four later style slotted bolts. The harness has lots of wear, discoloration and the strap has been cut in two places. The buckle is the wartime example (some moderate surface rust). The shell is stamped on the side of the interior “ET 68”, which indicates this was produced by Eisenhuttenwerke of Thale (which was the exclusive maker of Paratrooper helmets during the entire course of the war) in the size of 68. The rear of the skirt is stamped with the production lot number of “39”. A fantastic item with scarcely found attributes!

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