Luftwaffe Tropical Shirt

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“As Found” Luftwaffe Tropical Shirt-This shirt is produced in tropical tan cloth that has little to no wear. It does however have some discoloration, a hole which took out some of the eagle and a few stains. The substance that caused the stains has hardened and eaten away at the cloth of the shirt. This is shown in the photos. The shirt has four buttons, opening it up about halfway down the chest. There are breast pockets which are pleated with straight flaps. There are buttoned cuffs and a button down collar. The aforementioned eagle is above the right breast pocket. It is machine embroidered in silvery gray cloth over a triangular, brown cloth backing. Inside, at the neck, is a black ink stamp with maker and size info as well as the date, ’43. It is a large size. “As found”, a representative example! 


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