Army Signal Officer’s Extramütze (Private Purchase)

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Quite a sharp-looking cap with a nice high front, though fairly rounded. It’s in very good condition with only some nibbles under the side overhangs – not many, and not in ready view. The cap is made of fine grade doeskin wool with a very soft hand. The top panel is a decidedly greener tinted wool, while the matching front and side panels are all more grey. It is possible the cap was made this way from the beginning, and some soiling has caused a change in the look. The eagle is a handsome aluminum bird, clean and crisp. It looks like it may have been moved down just a tad from a slightly higher, previous position. The lemon yellow Signals Branch piping is in very nice condition, and the dark blue/green cap band looks excellent. The wreath is an early, thin profile type, and shows a little toning. The chin cords are in good condition, and the visor is nice with only some minor nicks along the brim edge. The underside is a matte tan, and quite clean. The wide tan sweatband is Ersatzleder (substitute leather) – made of fabric laminated with a leatherette surface. This has stiffened up considerably over time, and shows some wrinkling and curling as well, with some flaking along the bottom edges - but little sign of actual wear. The interior is lined in a gold colored rayon/cotton blend fabric, which is in great shape and there is a diamond-shaped moisture shield. The greenish-gold colored rayon lining beneath is marked “Alfred Vogel Stuttgart, Böblingerstr. 75”. The rayon itself has a couple of small holes, but is otherwise intact. The sides are lined in a somewhat reddish-tan muslin-like fabric. Nice looking piece.