AMAZING General Göring/Wachtbatl.berlin Luftwaffe Grouping

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AMAZING General Göring/Wachtbatl.berlin Luftwaffe Grouping-This one has it all! This exciting grouping to Oberfeldwebel Herbert Lehmann who was born in 1916 and volunteered on 13.10.1936 for 12 years (until 1948) service time. Lehmann served with 1.Luftlandebatallion General Göring, 9./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1 and Wachbataillon der Luftwaffe Berlin which explains why his photo album contains a few very interesting photographs.  The first 20 pages are a great documentation of his time at the "Wachbataillon der Luftwaffe" in Berlin. A few photos show Adolf Hitler. There are important photographs showing Hitler´s Minister of Foreign Affairs Joachim von Ribbentrop meeting Graf Ciano (Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs) in Vienna. There are 9 photos documenting that historical event. 181 photos inside in total. Wehrmacht "Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit" photo album with "denazified" flag. Otherwise great condition. Next up, his 1941 issued Wehrpaß with many entries. The unit list on page 12 and 13 is most impressive and shows units from 1936 until 1945. A few examples:

 - 1.Luftlandebatl. General Göring

 - 9.Fallsch.Jäg.Rgt.1

 - 2.Kompanie des Wachbataillons der Luftwaffe, Berlin

 - Flugplatzkommando Radom

 and more.....

Awards include Sudetenland Medal, Austria Medal, War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords. He was also awarded the Luftwaffe shooting lanyard as we can see on his portrait photo.

Page 32 gives a list of his campaigns starting with Sudetenland Campaign and Czech Campaign, service in the "Generalgouvernement" as well as service in Russia and Germany. The list ends on 4.5.1945. Also included is his Luftwaffe Soldbuch which was used by Lehmann throughout WWII. The photo inside his Soldbuch is "Fliegerhorstkommandantur Riga" stamped. A long list with all units he served with listed on page 4 and page 17 including "2.Kompanie des Wachbataillons der Luftwaffe, Berlin". Full unit history from 1938 until March 1945.

Awards on page 22 include the Anti-Communism Medal, War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords. All pages are present but many are loose. The Soldbuch comes with extra pages at the end. Included is a fantastic portrait photo of Lehmann (more inside the album) and the Arbeitsbuch of his wife Marie. Don't miss out on this one!