Amazing Funeral Pillow for WWII German Soldier

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This fantastic piece is for a German veteran of WWII and includes the 1957 versions of all of his awards. Each one of these is of very early quality reflecting the time frame of 1957 when German veterans were finally allowed to wear their rightfully won decorations. The details are spectacular. They are attached to a pillow measuring 32cm x 27cm x 8cm. The top portion of the pillow is lined in black velvet, while the bottom is lined in black rayon. It is elaborately decorated with toned silver bullion tressing and piping. There is some very light verdigris on a few spots of the tressing, and some of the piping has detached from the pillow but is in no danger of coming off as it is a continuous single piece. The veteran was highly decorated! The awards are, as follows:

-Kuban, Krim and Cholm Shields

-Gold Close Combat Clasp

-Gold Wound Badge

-German Cross is Gold

-Infantry Assault Badge, Silver

-Iron Cross 1st Class

Also seen is a medal bar which has the EKII, KVKII w/swords and the Russian Front Medal. This also includes a charm bracelet with charms for, in order, the Krim shield, IAB, Kuban shield, Gold Wound badge, Russian Front medal, Iron Crosses and German Cross. Each and every one of these are neatly pinned to the pillow and remain tightly affixed. As mentioned, all are the post war, swastika-less versions of the awards which was common practice for German veterans that passed away after wars end. If you added up the value of this set, all from the same man, in this condition, it would easily exceed $11,500.00  A wonderful piece that makes for a great display reflecting an interesting time in modern German history!

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