Allgemeine SS Standartenführer II Abschnitt Grouping

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Allgemeine SS Standartenführer II Abschnitt Grouping-This grouping is for a very high ranking Allgemeine SS officer who held the rank of standartenführer, which is equivalent to a colonel. It is the "old pattern" tunic, produced in ribbed black wool. This one has seen some use, as there is minor wear and discoloration throughout, mostly visible though at the ends of the cuffs and at the button holes. There is one very small hole in the right side French cuff. There is a four button closure; all buttons are nickel silver finished pebbled metal. There are four pockets with scalloped flaps. The breast pockets are pleated while the hip pockets are hidden (internal). The collar is piped in a silver, aluminum twist rope. The tabs are produced in soft, black velvet with silver bullion single oak leaf cluster. They have been extremely neatly hand applied. The single, sew in shoulder board is silver bullion with a three row braid and a black badge cloth underlay. The right sleeve has an "Old Fighters" chevron of silver tresses over black. This has been neatly hand applied. There are loops for a small sized medal bar above the left breast pocket. This has a WWI EKII and a Bavarian Military Merit Cross 4th Class. There are loops for four badges on the left breast pocket. The included badges are a Hamburg Veterans Medal, a WWI cut out silver wound badge, a WWI EKI and an SA Treffen Badge. Over on the right pocket is a set of loops to which a very rare luxury class Gallipoli Star (by Godet) is inserted. If you should decide to research this tunic, the fact that it includes the "Turkish Star" helps to really narrow it down as according to the book on A-SS II Abschnitt (by Mark Yerger) there were only two men of this rank that were awarded this medal. The left sleeve has an SS wool armband of red wool. There is discoloration and a few small moth nips to the red wool field. The upper and lower edges are trimmed in black cloth. The white disc is separately applied as is the multi piece, black cloth swastika. Moving down the sleeve, you see the silver bullion star which indicates the wearer was an administrative officer. Lastly, there is a II Abschnitt cuff title. This has silver flat wire trim on the upper and lower edges to go along with the Roman numeral "II" also in silver flat wire. This has been neatly hand applied to the sleeve. The interior is fully lined in greenish black rayon. There is minor wear and discoloration from use. There are pockets on each side of the tunic. The sleeves are lined in white rayon. There is a slot in the lower pocket for an edged weapon. The tunic is a size medium. A great example of a scarce tunic to a very high ranking officer! The ability to research this makes it even more desirable! 

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