Allgemeine SS Officer Early Belt and Buckle

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Allgemeine SS Officer Early Belt and Buckle-This super scarce combo features a beautiful, nickel silver finished buckle and a black leather belt. The buckle has a fantastic look to it. There is virtually no wear and the toning is just right. The reverse is marked with an RZM motto (encircled) and the number 24 (also encircled). There is minor verdigris on the reverse of the buckle. The belt has only minor wear on the obverse. The reverse is missing 75% of the original black velvet lining. Both of the slides are present. The tongue is stamped with SS runes as well as with an RZM motto and "48/34" (1934 production). Both the runes and the motto are encircled. The catch is nickel silver. The rig measures 40 1/2" in length so it will fit up to a size 34 waist. Extremely scarce and desirable....worth every penny!