AFRIKAKORPS: Rommel’s Tropical Army in Original Color

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By Bernd Peitz with Gary Wilkins. Measures 11.75” by 9”. The soldiers fighting in the deserts of North Africa did not fight on a black and white canvas – they fought in color! For the first time ever in print this book presents a pictorial chronology of the African campaign and the Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) the way the soldiers themselves experienced and lived it: in color. The book offers more than 150 color photographs derived from what, at that time, was revolutionary color slide film. These original pictures portray the leaders, men and equipment of the Afrikakorps from the arrival of its first Units in Tripoli, Libya and its astounding advance across the Libyan Desert to Egypt, to its withdrawal back to Tunisia after the bitter, lost struggle with the British at El Alamein. Heavy artillery in position, antitank guns firing missions, cooks making dumplings; Panzers on the move, aircraft, weapons and equipment – glimpses into the everyday existence of the Afrikakorps soldier all here in the original quality color – with many detailed captions. This book offers an entirely new view of the war in Africa that will prove a useful reference for Veterans, historians, military modelers, re-enactors and militaria collectors alike. As an added bonus, the final section includes color photos of the subsequent events in Sicily and Southern Italy. A brief Glossary is also included. Gary Wilkins, author of BK-19, translated the English half of this bi-lingual book and wrote the Glossary. This is the Desert War the way the DAK soldiers fought it - in color! With matching dust jacket. 192 pages.
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