Adolf Hitler School Grouping

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Adolf Hitler School Grouping- This is for a youth by the name of “Horst Lange” and is very comprehensive, I do not know where to begin. One major item is a very intriguing photo album with nearly 50 pictures, which show Horst and his family dating back to the first war and up through his time in the army as an NCO. It also includes some pictures of him as a Hitler Youth. The grouping also consists of a large diploma, where he graduates from the specialized Adolf Hitler School in Sonthofen on the 21st of March, 1942. This measures approximately 8 ½ inches wide x 12 inches long and is signed by not only the head of the Hitler Youth, who was von Schirach, but also by the head of the labor organization, who was Doctor Robert Ley. The grouping goes on and on, and includes a beautiful booklet, which measure approximately 11 inches x 8 inches, from the Adolf Hitler School, and a number of other documents and photos of the school. Very interesting grouping. The paperwork is in excellent shape. The photo album shows light wear. Scarce offering.